When we were raising three children, who have now grown into successful adults, we always felt it was important to introduce them to nature. We often took them to hikes in the beautiful woods in the Cascades and the expansive Pacific on the Oregon coast.

Before this board game, we developed a successful pet product, Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell. The entire process from inception of the idea, to prototyping, to sourcing manufacture,  to marketing, and to customer service taught us invaluable lessons about running a small business. We love the fact that we were able to solve a common problem that many dog owners faced by developing a new product. Whenever our customers took the time to tell us that our product was helpful and useful for their lives, it always felt the best reward of our work.

With this board game, we want to do the same. We want to provide young families a healthy, fun, and educational activity that parents and children can share. In the current age of electronic devices, we want to give parents something they can draw their children from the computer screens to a time that share together, in person, directly.