Each game comes with a full-color illustrated rule booklet.

Go, Puppy, Go!

Each player selects a puppy, inserts it in a stand, and places it at Start. Shuffle the resource cards and deal three cards to each player. Players can look at their own cards. Place the rest of the cards face down in a pile next to the board.

The youngest player goes first. The play then proceeds clockwise around the table.

On your turn, Roll the Travel Dice (the white one) and move forward the number of steps rolled.
Small Stepping Stone

Small Stepping Stone

If you land on a small (blue colored) stone, your turn is over.

Big Stepping Stone

Landing here on your turn, you can choose to play a resource card from your hand. If you do not have one, your turn is over. If the card played takes you to another Big Stepping Stone, you can play another card. This is the only time you can play a resource card, with one exception: the Clover card can be played at any time.

Encounter Spot

An Encounter Spot is an animal, a plant, or an object on the trail. If you land on one of them, follow the instructions next to it. When done, your turn is over. Any resource cards received here can be used only on later turns.

Fork in the Trail

If you land on a Small Stepping Stone at a fork, your turn is over. If your turn will take you pass a fork, you need to decide which way to go. If you choose the main trail, play as usual. If you choose the shortcut, you will move into the Visit Circle and stop there. Your turn is over, even if you have more steps left. You are now visiting with the helper spirit, and you are protected from challenges made by other players.

Visit Circle

When you are in the Visit Circle, roll the Visit Dice (the yellow one) on your next turn. According to the result, do one of the following:

1 Dot: Draw one resource card. Your turn is over.

2 Dots: Draw two resource cards. Your turn is over.

Puppy Run & 1 Dot: Draw one resource card, roll the Travel Dice, and go!

Regardless of what happens, you use the yellow Visit Dice only once. Use the white Travel Dice on your next turn. As long as you are in the Visit Circle, you are protected from challenges made by other players.

Receive a Challenge

A resource card can be played against you when you are on the trail (after leaving Start) and are not protected by a Visit Circle. If you have a Clover card, you can play it to ward off the challenge. Otherwise, you need to do what the challenge says. If you are told to move backward, always follow the main trail, not a shortcut. Since this is not your turn, you may not play a resource card if you land on a Big Stepping Stone. Similarly, if you land on an Encounter Spot, the instructions at the spot should be ignored.

Ask, Answer, and Learn Together

During your turn, if an activity requires you to answer a question or spell a word, one of the other players should ask the question or provide a word. Players can take turns coming up with questions.

You should answer the best you can. There is no penalty for not knowing the answer. If you do not know the answer, other players should help you figure it out. You can use any tools, including dictionaries and the Internet, to help you find the answer. If no one has a clue, another question should be asked. If answering a question would embarrass you, politely ask for a different one.


The player who reaches Home first wins the game. Other players should continue to complete their journey until all have reached Home.