The eight friends have been out playing. Now they need to find their way home. At the beginning of a game, each player chooses a puppy and places it at the start.


A Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix, Smokey is energetic, protective, brave, cautious, loyal, alert, curious, and pleasant.

A bundle of energy, Smokey will keep going all day, all night and some more. As a matter of fact, he was the one who led the group to the meadow. He wanted to show them he could round up wild horses and baba sheep. Now he is eager to get on with the journey, climb the mountain peak to rub noses with Antelope and traverse the dark forest to hear Owl hoots.


A Welsh Corgi, Muffin is bold, friendly, outgoing, playful, protective, tenacious, affectionate, smart, and alert.

Any day a sniffing day, Muffin loves to sniff. That's why she decided to grow only short legs. This way she can have her nose on the ground all the time. Are we far from home? Muffin is not worried a bit. She will sniff, sniff, and sniff all the way home.


A Malamute, Apollo is affectionate, devoted, dignified, friendly, loyal, and playful.

Got danger? Apollo is there, at the front of the pack. Strong and yet playful, Apollo has a sunny outlook about life. He is determined to get everyone home but eager to see what the journey has to offer.


A Scottish Terrier, Zuzu is independent, alert, feisty, playful, quick, self-assured, confident, and spirited.

Comes in a tight package, Zuzu surely knows what she wants. Sometimes she will leave the party to go her own ways. Everyone wants to travel the main trail and get invited to lunch by Mouse. Zuzu is bent on taking the perilous shortcut to visit Bear in his den.


A Bulldog, Marshmallow is docile, friendly, gregarious, willful, calm, courageous, dignified but amusing.

Once he has decided, he will take it to the end. That, to some, is too stubborn or serious. "Come on, have some fun, Marshmallow!" sometimes Peppermint will say. Marshmallow can barely hear it. Dogged is what dog does. That's Marshmallow for you.


A Pomeranian, Peppermint is extroverted, active, friendly, intelligent, playful, sociable, lively, bold, and inquisitive.

If you are having a gloomy day, Peppermint will be sure to cheer you up. Marshmallow may call her a socialite, but she is full of joyful spirit. And she is not shy at showing it. She may have a down moment or two, but the next interesting twist in life will grab her by the nose in no time flat.


A Whippet, Pebble is quiet, affectionate, friendly, gentle, intelligent, lively, calm, and playful.

When he is out and about, Pebble loves running fast and chasing moving targets. Cleanness a certain priority, he would step around a puddle to avoid getting muddy. At home, Pebble's favorite spot is a cushy window seat in the warm morning sunlight. Right now, he is eager to get home, back to the comfort and luxury.


A Golden Retriever, Loma is friendly, confident, intelligent, kind, reliable, trustworthy, and devoted.

Loma, Loma, Loma! What will we do without Loma?! Wise and gentle, confident and loving, Loma is the soul of the pack. Apollo's strength, Smokey's energy, Pebble's smart, Marshmallow's "bulldoggedness," Loma has them all in her heart. She knows when to let Peppermint cheer up the group, when to ask Muffin to sniff and locate water, and when to send Zuzu to confirm a shortcut. With Loma, we know we will get home.